From a Broken Wrist to a Black Eye!

Soo… apparently this spring has been a rough one medically for our family! Ha! My husband’s hand is healing nicely, which we’re grateful for. However, last night, my littlest was jumping on the trampoline, playing ‘Crack the Egg’, and knocked his knee into his eye. His black eye is a stunner. Really nice. *sigh* People are going to start thinking I beat everyone up when they see us walk around as a family! Geez.

The old saying, “when it rains it pours” seems to ring true right about now, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I know a black eye isn’t a big deal. In fact, it’s kinda funny that he gave it to himself. But sometimes… well sometimes these kind of things are just a reminder that life isn’t always smooth, right?

But moving past all that… did you get your free copy of “Goldilock’s Misunderstood Billionaire”? I hope you had a chance to grab it this weekend. I don’t do those freebies very often, so I hope you caught it while you could. 🙂 And now we are moving onto new releases! Next Monday is launch day for “Her Fake Billionaire Boyfriend”! Nelson’s story was a joy to write, not to mention that I see a lot of myself in his love interest. So be ready for next week’s email, because the book will be live! Yay!

As for this week? Well, I’ve got a couple of really sweet looking stories for you. Take a look!

He was supposed to guard her life. Falling for her wasn’t part of the job. 
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How far would she go to become a mother?

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Addison Depree is determined to prove she can be a single mother without asking for help. She’s found a great support system with the Pride, and a new job she actually enjoys. She’s content with focusing solely on her son, Elijah, even if that means denying her attraction to the Utah Fury’s rising star, Grant Fisher.
3.99 or FREE in KU
I hope you find something you LOVE! Have a great week! I’ll see you next Monday! Until then,

Happy Reading!
Laura Ann

2 thoughts on “From a Broken Wrist to a Black Eye!”

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, Rebekah! And I’ll tell you a secret, I cried when I wrote A Home for the Ugly Duckling. Writing the bullying was so hard, but I bawled when I wrote Mr. Merryweather’s death. (My husband thought I was crazy) 🙂

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