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I hope you had a fantastic weekend! 🙂 Mine was rainy and cold. Ah… the joys of living in the Pacific Northwest. We went on a little trip this weekend with my twin’s marimba group. They travel and play at elementary schools and then have fun at Silverwood Theme Park, which is a small amusement park just outside Hayden, Idaho. On Friday, while we were traveling it was pouring all day. Needless to say, us parents were gritting our teeth at the thought of walking around Silverwood in that type of weather. Luckily, Mother Nature had a bit of mercy on us. It drizzled and was cold on Saturday, but not enough to shut down the rides or stop people from having a good time. There was one fantastic hour of sun in the afternoon and people kept stopping in the patches of light, trying to soak up the heat. 🙂

So! I told you last week that I would share how I am similar to Hazel. To any of you who have not read Nelson’s story, “Her Fake Billionaire Boyfriend”, I apologize for any spoilers this may contain. The biggest thing Hazel and I share are being introverts. The biggest difference? I’m not shy or scared of things. Most people cannot tell that I am a total introvert. I like space. I like being by myself. Large crowds drain me of energy like a leaky bucket. But I am not scared of people, or of trying new things, or even of being in front of crowds. As a professional singer, I have sung in front of thousands of people and been absolutely fine. However, I am on stage and the crowd is a distance away, so I don’t feel as claustrophobic in those situations.

I also tend to stumble over my words in public. I’ve been told that sometimes I come across as cold or aloof, because a lot of times I sit back and don’t talk. (I promise I’m not a snob, just content to listen and not speak) I also HATE confrontation. Absolutely hate it. I often will let people walk all over me rather than stand up for myself. Now, since becoming a mother, that has changed a bit. I stand up for my kids fairly well and even my husband if necessary, but for myself? Nope. I’m a total pushover.

Anyway, I took those parts of myself and created Hazel! But I needed her to be a little more than just quiet, which is why I added her fears and anxieties as well.

Oh! And that slip’n’slide she talks about? Yeah. We totally do that, only it’s a 100 foot tarp and my husband custom built a PVC sprinkler system for it so the kids could slide the whole thing. Our whole neighborhood loves it. 🙂 (and when they come over, you can find me under the deck, where it’s cool and fairly quiet and I’m not in the middle of the chaos)

There you go! More tidbits about myself that are of no use to you whatsoever, but you know anyway! 😀 And now, onto the books I have for you this week. I hope you find something you LOVE!

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He was only looking to save himself.

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I hope you find something fun to read this week! Until next time,

Happy Reading!

Laura Ann

Books by Laura Ann

The Middleton Prep Series
A Home for the Ugly Duckling
The Librarian and Her Beast
Ms. Cinder’s Prince
Waking Ms. Briar
A Date for the Goose Girl
Running from the Wolf
Ms. Frogg‘s Hidden Billionaire
Saving Ms. Gothel
A Billionaire for Ms. Snow
Goldilock‘s Misunderstood Billionaire

The Overnight Billionaire Bachelor Series
Her Billionaire Boss 
Her Billionaire Chef 
Her Fake Billionaire Boyfriend 
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