I left my beloved beach and came home to the desert. *sigh*

Every Fourth of July, my in-law family has a reunion and we often to the beach. And I know I’ve told you a dozen times how much of a beach girl I am. Almost every morning last week I ran along the sand listening to the waves and gulls. Mmmm…. it just soothes my soul! Sometimes I imagine I can feel my blood pressure dropping with each passing second. 😉

But, then reality hits and I come home to my flat and dry desert. I love my hometown. It’s not too big and we have warm summers and best of all… my OWN BED! But I always hate to leave the water behind. *sigh* I guess we just can’t have it all, huh? 🙂

What fun vacations have you taken this summer? I’d love to hear what you’re doing to break up the hot summer days.

Ah! But before I start to wax poetic about more vacations in our future, last week we had a giveaway! I hate to say it, but I don’t have the winners picked out yet. I received so many suggestions and they are wonderful! So between being out of town and the sheer number of entries, I’m still sorting through them. But I promise to have names next week.

I’ll admit I’m behind in more than just sorting titles. I just finished Laken’s story THIS MORNING! I was supposed to have it done a week ago and it just went to my Betas today. Which means I’ll be releasing July 29th rather than the 22nd. Geez. Summer just started and I’m already falling down on the job! 😀

To make up for my slow moving, I have some great books to show you this week. I’ve even got a little Christmas story for your hot July!  Take a look!

She refused to date a playboy, but would she accept his job offer?

.99 or FREE in KU
A maid and her distracted billionaire boss, snowbound till Christmas
2.99 or FREE in KU

He’s a burned spy with one last chance in the field to recover his life and fortune. She’s a divorced teacher on a mission to rediscover her lost self.

2.99 or FREE in KU
I hope you found something you love this week! I’ll finish going through those titles and have the winner picked by next Monday. So, look forward to that! 🙂

Always feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns or just to say ‘hi’! I love hearing from you.

Until next week,
Happy Reading!
Laura Ann

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