Last week we had a family reunion in the mountains. Farragut State Park to be exact. It’s in northern Idaho, for those who haven’t heard of it. I spent 5 days in the woods sleeping in a tent with no running water and no flushing toilet. And worst of all… (cue the horror music)… no WIFI! 😉

Can I just say how glorious it was? Now don’t get me wrong, I actually prefer my bathrooms to have plumbing, but it was lovely to unhook for awhile. The kids ran rampant, ate more bugs and dirt than is probably healthy, we made fools of ourselves doing family skits, and all those other wonderful things that come along with a long camping trip. I’m actually a bit concerned I’ll never get the smell of smoke out of our clothes.

Normally, I tend to be a bit of an overachiever, so my mind is constantly on work. Can I squeeze in a few more words today? Should I take my computer to the doctor’s office? I didn’t get in as many as I wanted yesterday, can I do extra today? *sigh* I don’t usually do things part way, which means I’m a great worker, but it also means I struggle to unwind and let go. Sometimes I literally have to tell myself that life will go on if I don’t get “such’n’such” done today. Because it will! I know it will! But sometimes I have a hard time remembering that. So it was wonderful to set down my computer, not touch it for 5 days and just… be. Just close my eyes and breath in the pine. Quit worrying that my word count was falling behind. Let the sun warm my cheeks and the lake chill my toes and let it go.

We all need a break like that once in awhile, don’t we? And now that I’ve had mine, it’s time to get back to real life and in my case, SCHOOL! I have 1 week to get the kids ready and it’s gonna be a doozy. Why is it that all my kids have to change sizes as the exact same time? Man, they have absolutely no respect for my pocket book! ;D Okay, okay, enough of my ramblings. I need to do one more thing before we move onto our book catalog today. I promised you a giveaway winner! I was so excited to read about your favorite season and why you loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it all with me! And now for the winner…


Rosie, you have won an e-book of your choice! Please respond to this email and we’ll get you taken care of. 🙂 And in case anyone was wondering, Rosie loves autumn. 🙂

And now! On to this week’s books! With school starting and many of us getting more time to ourselves, it’s the perfect time to pull out a sweet romance and let ourselves be swept away. 🙂 Enjoy!

After the tragic loss of her husband, Alexis Mathers packs up her clairvoyant, seven-year-old daughter and heads for home only to find that her grandmother, Evelyn Bozeman, has died in a mysterious accident. As Evelyn’s life was an enigma before her marriage into the Bozeman family, Alexis makes it her sole mission to understand who her grandmother was and the kind of life she left behind.

2.99 or FREE in KU

Treasure hunting is loaded with danger and charged with love.

2.99 or FREE in KU
A bull rider with amnesia, his motherless daughter, and the beautiful physical therapist who has the potential to heal them both…Wyoming’s Unforgettable Cowboys remember how to love.
2.99 or FREE in KU
Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you found something you LOVE! And until next Monday,

Happy Reading!
Laura Ann

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