Let the School Schedule Begin!

School week has finally arrived! Tomorrow morning I will officially have a high schooler (yikes!) a middle schooler, and 3 elementary schoolers. Whew! This is our first time on a 3 school schedule and I’m just a tad nervous about how it will all work out. I’m sure we’ll make it work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of fumbling around first. 🙂

These next few years will bring big changes in my household. Now that I have one in high school, we get to start entering the driving years, Friday night football games, and school dances! Crazy! I don’t feel like I should be this old yet, but… I am! In fact, I just got invited to a Facebook group for my 20 year high school reunion, which is next summer. Yep. I graduated at the turn of the century in the big year 2000. Which actually was a little bit of a let down because all of our shirts and stuff say ’00 on the back. Kind of makes it look like we didn’t graduate at all. lol.

So wish me luck this week as we get our next big adventure started!

Now, onto a more book-related note. I am finishing up the revision of book #3 in the Middleton Prep series. Book #1 and #2 are already done and out. “The Librarian and Her Beast ended up with the most revisions. I kept the story line mostly intact, but actually rewrote the entire thing in order to make it all flow better. “Ms. Cinder’s Prince” ended up being more of a typo style revision, although I did shift a few of the scenes to make them a little more believable. Book #3, “Waking Ms. Briar” is requiring less story change and mostly just typo work. (which is good because rewriting an already written story is harder than I thought!) But the reason I’m announcing all this is because next week I’ll be putting out the first box set again. Right now, only the single books have the revised copies in them. When I put out the boxset, it will be on sale for the first while. You’ll get 3 books for the price of 1! So, I’ll be sure to send you the link in next week’s email. And after that, there will be more box sets to follow. In the end, I will have a full box set of the entire series, which will be priced at $9.99 for all the books. 10 books for $10 isn’t too bad! 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up on how that was going. 🙂  And now! Onto this week’s new releases! Lots of fun stories are coming out, just as many of us have a little more time to ourselves with school starting. Take a look!

A sweet contemporary romance about growing up and finding love again
.99 or FREE in KU
Lydia Howell never had time for romance, because she practically raised her five younger siblings after her mother died. When her father remarries, she decides her only chance for love might be responding to a mail-order bride advertisement in the Rocky Mountains. But upon arriving, she learns her intended has died, only survived by his handsome and broody brother.
He’s rebuilding his life in Camden Cove. She’s only there to help with the animals. That’s it.
2.99 or FREE in KU
She is an entertainment reporter assigned to dig up his dirt. He is a disillusioned billionaire with a secret. Surely love can’t blossom in a situation like this.
2.99 or FREE in KU
Have a great week, my Lovely Reader Family! I hope you found something you LOVE! And I’m excited to tell you how my first week goes with our new, crazy scheduling! 🙂

Until then,
Happy Reading,
Laura Ann

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