The Box Set is Live and on Sale!

Happy, happy Monday! It’s Labor Day here in the US, which means it’s barbecue time! Our family does a big feast every Labor Day because we use the holiday to celebrate the birthday of my twins, who were born in the first week of September. Since Labor Day is always the first Monday in September, that means sometimes their birthday falls on that day. 🙂 So it has become tradition to do a family birthday party and barbecue. This week, my girls are turning 11! I can’t believe how big they are getting. Their personalities are definitely starting to sound more ‘tween’ than ‘little girl’ any more. *sigh* Time is a thief! 😉

For those of you in the US, have a great holiday! For those of you outside my country, have a great Monday!

And now, onto the book side of life. The revised boxset is live! This is Middleton Prep 0-3. So it contains:
A Home for the Ugly Duckling
The Librarian and Her Beast
A Prince for Ms. Snow
Waking Ms. Briar

Right now it is on sale for 2.99, which is the price of 1 Middleton Prep book. So it’s a screamin’ deal! 4 books for the price of 1. I don’t know how long I will leave it at this price, it will depend on how well it is moving, but I promise to give it at least a week for anyone who would like to grab it while it’s cheap. 🙂

Now, some of you have already bought my books and for that, THANK YOU! I would love to help you get the revised versions of those stories. I will not claim the new books are 100% free of typos and errors, but I will say they are vastly improved. My Beta crew is amazingly fantastic, but every once in awhile things still slip through the cracks, so my stories will never be perfect, but it should be much easier to read now. 🙂

Okay, here is how you update for books you already have:
All you have to do is head to the Manage Your Kindle Item
on the Amazon menu
Click the “update available” next to any book that has an update.
Then click the Update this title now link.

If you have trouble with this, let me know and we’ll get you figured out. 🙂 And now! Onto the fun part! I have some fun stories to share with you, take a look!

Can an Ugly Duckling find the home she has always longed for?
Can a librarian and a football coach overcome their differences in order to find true love?
Can a game of Secret Santa bring two shy teachers together?
Can a community play reunite a long, lost love?
2.99 or FREE in KU

Billionaire Jack Stevenson has hardened his heart to love. 

2.99 or FREE in KU
He’s her boss. She shouldn’t love him. Especially when she promised not to.
2.99 or FREE in KU
A secret baby, an impossible request, and a chance encounter that turns their lives around.
.99 or FREE in KU
A fairytale retelling perfect for fans of Snow White, sweet romance books, and billionaires!
3.99 or FREE in KU
Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you found something you LOVE for your downtime this holiday weekend. 🙂 Until next time,

Happy Reading,
Laura Ann

2 thoughts on “The Box Set is Live and on Sale!”

  1. Is your Lockwood series in Paperback form? Have searched and can’t find them. I own them all on Kindle, but still want the paperbacks, if possible. I get your email from you daily.

    1. Hi, Marjorie! I’m so thrilled you enjoy the Lockwood series. They’re some of my favorites. 🙂 The paperbacks are not available yet, but I’m working my way through my books and hope to have them up soon. So don’t give up! They’re coming. Thanks!

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