It’s Birthday Week!

As you may have guessed from the subject line today, this week is my birthday! Woot! Although I do not plan on admitting how old I am getting, I am planning to share some fun goodies with you! 🙂 On top of my normal book offerings, I rounded up some FREEBIES to share with you. I mean, afterall, you know what they say? It’s better to give than to receive, and I so… I wanted to give back to all of you who have supported me during this last year.

It’s been a wild ride getting this author gig off the ground, but I have loved it and I look forward to continuing to move forward. 🙂 And I absolutely could NOT have done it without the help of all of you wonderful readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for generosity, your support and your patience as I continue to learn and grow in this craft. And so… without further ado, I will share all my book offerings today. First will be our normal new releases, the freebies will be at the bottom with just the titles. (in order to keep the email shorter, I won’t be putting all the book covers in)

So load up your kindle/reading devices and have a party for me! 🙂

She never thought running away from the paparazzi would send her straight into the arms of the cowboy doctor she wants nothing to do with. Only … he doesn’t remember her.
.99 or FREE in KU
She’s the high school klutz. He’s the best friend. But it wasn’t enough.
.99 or FREE in KU
Natalie Burke trudges through life in a daze of work and tending to her ailing mother. Every day is a fight to keep a roof over their heads. She doesn’t have time to date when she works two jobs.
.99 or FREE in KU
She’s a struggling script writer who dislikes famous actors with bad boy reputations. Until a case of mistaken identity results in her becoming fake engaged to one!
.99 or FREE in KU

Summer With the Marine
He’s a marine figuring out how to be a dad. She’s out of work and moves in with her mom. A surprise reunion brings the old friends together. Will a dare turn them into something more?

House Without Lies

Her Dream Didn’t Include Falling in Love

Her Best Match

Feisty, stubborn, and bored with life in Texas, Anne Best is about to get more than she bargained for.

The Envelope
What if you couldn’t let yourself fall in love, for fear that you might accidentally destroy that person’s life? 

Always and Forever
A Mail Order Bride He Doesn’t Want – A Woman He Can’t Resist

Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you found something you LOVE! And I hope you have a fantastic week. 🙂

Until next time,
Happy Reading!
Laura Ann

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