Awards, Preorders and A New Year… oh my!

Holy cow the New Year is here! Just a couple more days and we’ll be in 2020. I feel like December flew by especially fast this year, but maybe that’s just a sign of me getting older. 🙂

Okay, so today, I’ve actually got a bunch of stuff to share with you, so rather than drone on about my kids and schedule, I’ll jump right to it, okay?

I am THRILLED to announce that I have been nominated for a “Swoony Award”. YAY! Swoony awards are based on sweet/clean romance and basically any book published during the year can be put in the nominations and my whole ‘Overnight Billionaire Bachelors’ series is in there, as well as 2 of my Middleton Prep stories (they’re under fairy tale retellings)

To see all the nominated titles you can go here:  LIST

To vote, you can go here:  VOTE

If you feel so inclined, I’d love to get a few votes! My book are in the billionaire and fairy tale retelling categories. But there are tons of great stories on that list, so be sure to vote for your favorites. 🙂 Oh! And voting ends tomorrow, the 31st! So be sure to jump on it quickly!

And if nothing else, that list is a fantastic resource of clean romances for those of you looking for something fun. 

Speaking of something fun, do you remember what series I promised to put out in January? If you said the Lockwood Brothers, you are correct! The series is called, “Lockwood Industries” and book #1 is in preorder! It’s releasing January 13th. Only 2 weeks! Whew! You can find it in my book offerings today if you’re interested in grabbing it while it’s only .99. 

I will be rapid releasing the first 3 books in this series, so book #1 won’t be at launch price for very long. As soon as book #2 “Her Quiet Bodyguard” comes out, book #1 will go up to it’s normal 2.99 price point. (just an fyi) 🙂

Alrighty, I told you about the voting and the preorder, so I think now it’s time to let you check out a few fun, new releases! Have a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you next Monday!
Her Bodyguard Swap
She falling for her bodyguard, now if she just knew who he was!
Preorder for .99
Aria’s Christmas Wish
Kendra hears him on the radio every day and sees him in her daughter’s eyes every night. If only she could get him out of her heart. 
.99 or FREE in KU
Christmas at Holly Wreath Inn
He insulted her. She slammed the door in his face. Only their mutual dislike of Christmas will bring them together. 
.99 or FREE in KU
Her Make Believe Fiance at Mistletoe Inn
Addison Hanson is going back home to North Dakota for Christmas to inherit her Inn from her great aunt, but her great aunt is old-fashioned and believed that no woman is strong without a good man behind her. Her one stipulation was–she must be engaged.  
Buy for .99
Her Cluttered Christmas
Can Swann stop her cluttered life from turning her love life into a mess, too? 
.99 or FREE in KU
Alright my lovely Reader Family, that’s it! I hope you found something you LOVE! and I hope you have a fantastic week as we head into the New Year. 

Until next Monday,
Happy Reading!

Laura Ann

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